Bed bugs are smart enough to hide in crevices and keep out of daylight, meaning they are one pest you should not underestimate. Luckily, we can be even smarter. Nature and science provide us with many ways to control and get rid of bed bugs from our homes. You just need to know what to do.

We love to find simple ways to keep yourself safe and healthy, especially if that means taking care of bloodsucking parasites.
12. Steam away the bugs.

12 Ingenious Ways To Eliminate Bed Bugs for Good

According to Virginia Tech’s Entomology Department, releasing steam around the house can help take care of bed bugs. Steam helps to coax the bugs out of hiding spaces. At high enough temperatures, the steam can even be lethal to them.

11. Target the bugs with a hair dryer.

12 Ingenious Ways To Eliminate Bed Bugs for Good

As mentioned, heat can help kill bed bugs. If steam isn’t your cup of tea, find the eggs, and set your hair dryer on high. Bed bugs do not move their eggs around, so this is a way to slowly kill them off that does not impact people’s allergies like other treatments can.

10. Apply double-sided tape.

12 Ingenious Ways To Eliminate Bed Bugs for Good

Find the bed bugs’ line of travel and apply double-sided tape. The bugs will be stuck to the tape. Eventually, without blood to drink, they will die off, or you can just smash them. Make sure to regularly replace the tape.