+19 Cleaning Hacks That Are Sure To Make Things Easy For You

22. Cleaning Hard Water Stains With Vinegar

Hard water stains are possible almost anywhere in your house, especially on surfaces like glass. They are caused when hard water evaporates, leaving behind insoluble minerals. These stains look really ugly and affect the charm of most of your possessions. But it is really easy to clean those. Soak your glasses in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, or spray this mixture onto surfaces that need cleaning. Vinegar cleans perspiration stains very easily (1). You can learn more about it on WiC Project.

21. Removing Scratches From Plates

Crockery is tough to maintain as it is.What makes it worse is, as they get old, scratches start building up because of all those times we recklessly used our cutlery on them. And after a point, it just looks plain ugly. It feels like a huge embarrassment to serve the guest in those plates. Leave out guests, it looks unappetizing to eat food off these yourselves. But you can easily remove them using a liquid cleaner and mix it with a little hard work. Read the full tutorial at Outnumbered.

20. Cleaning The Blinds Using Vinegar And An Old Sock

If you live in a dusty and windy area, then you already know the importance of having micro blinds on your windows. But then you also are very familiar with the misery of dust stains on the blinds.

Dust stains are stubborn in a way that is just plain annoying. Simple water is never enough to take them off. In some cases, you may also end up making matters worse. But fret not, you can easily clean these stains from your blinds by using vinegar, warm water, and an old sock (2.) For the how of this hack, visit Keep Home Simple”  To Be Continued … ” .